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Tamil English Translation Services - Contact Details:

34, JV Avenue,
Alamelu Manka Puram,
Singa Perumal Koil,
Kancheepuram Dist,
Tamil Nadu-

Phone: 09381184391


Balaji Language Institute : Language Translation Services,
Secretarial Services, Word Processing & DTP Works.
English, Tamil, Hindi, Kannada & Malayalam Languages

Balaji Language Translators Based in Chennai & Kancheepuram.

Mobile - 09381184391

      If you want to translate English documents to Tamil or Tamil text to English please send the file as an attached MS Word text to us at . Please give your complete Address, Phone Number and Email ID. We charge approx. Rs.300/- per A4 size page translation. If you have bulk translation requirement, we can offer a special discount rate.

How to request for a Free Sample Translation Work?

In order to better serve you and improve our business processes, we adhere to certain professional procedures and principles.

  1. Kindly send to us, the whole document before we can provide sample translation works.This will help us to give you a commitment about our Translation Service Charges and time-frame.
  2. We give our Experienced Translators the right to randomly select a few lines and paragraphs from your document and provide you sample translation works.
  3. Kindly send a formal request to us, asking our service, and asking for a free sample work. And please let us know, if you have any conditions or special requirements.
  4. Please give Name, complete address, contact details of the person/organization.
  5. We may decide to display sample translated copy, on our website, for your perusal.
  6. We may request you to make payment, when ever the total outstanding dues reach INR 1000. This would help us to serve our valued customers better.