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Balaji Language Translation Services - Tariff:

  • English - Tamil Translation - Rs. 300/- per A4 size page.
  • Tamil - English Translation - Rs. 300/- per A4 size page.

  • Tamil - Kannada Translation - Rs. 350/- per A4 size page.
  • Kannada - Tamil Translation - Rs. 350/- per A4 size page.

  • Tamil - Malayalam Translation - Rs. 350/- per A4 size page.
  • Malayalam - Tamil Translation - Rs. 350/- per A4 size page.

  • Tamil - Hindi Translation - Rs. 350/- per A4 size page.
  • Hindi - Tamil Translation - Rs. 350/- per A4 size page.


Balaji Language Institute - We have i) Free English Tamil Online Translation Services. ii) For professional Translation Services, please refer the Translation Charges on this page.

If you want to Convert Documents and Texts based in English, Tamil, Hindi, Kannada or Malayalam from one to another, we can help.

Balaji Language Institute provides Professional Multilingual Services. We can help you to prepare Other Language Converted Version of your Documents in almost all South Indian Languages, Hindi and English.

We send Translated Copy as a Word-processed document by Email. We dont charge extra for word-processing (typing) the translated document; if no further formatting of the Text is required. Please note that, we do two types of works (Translating and Typing). Hence, it is time consuming and we need to put a lot of effort. Let us please keep this point in mind, while discussing the deadline for completing the Translation work. If you want us to do Word-processing and formatting of the text in a desired format (Normally, with similar Format and style of the original source Document), please clarify that, in writing, when you place the order. If the job assignment is only for Translation, then, we dont take responsibility of ensuring spelling-correction, formatting etc. However, normally, we send you a professional, error-free document by Email.

The Following explanations are given for clarity and understanding only.

  1. Standard A4 Size Page is One page, Normally 18 to 40 lines in a page and approx.
    150 to 375 words per page. Normally we charge Rs.300/- per page for translation work.
    English Language - Arial Font Size 12 or Similar Fonts and Size .

  2. If There are 2 - 3 lines in a page, then such pages will Not be Counted (If there are large number of such pages, they can be counted Separately, by adding the Number of lines together)

  3. If there are more than 18 Lines Or 150 words in a page, then that will be counted as One Full Page.

  4. If less than 18 Lines Or 150 Words in a Page-

  5. 4- a) If more than 7 lines Or 100 words in a page, Two Such pages will be combined to be considered as One page.
    4-b) If Less than 7 Lines Or 100 words, any such 3 pages will be Added together and will be considered as One page.
  6. If there are graphics or Tables in a page there would be extra charges depending on the nature of work.

  7. For bulk quantity, special discount can be considered.

  8. Though, we do Tamil or English WordProcessing (normally we give a professional Typed Document without spelling mistakes) and send you the file as a Word Document, we dont take responsibility of ensuring Spelling corrections, Formatting etc. If necessary, we can send Completed Translation work by courier/post only.

  9. If you want us to do Professional Typing/Word processing of the Document as per your requrement, then we may have to charge extra, depending on the nature of work.

  10. If bulk volume of Documents need to be translated, we can provide trial translation to be reviewed by you, before actually taking up the work. (You need to send the whole document before we can send you Trial Translation work. Also, in order to give you better insight about the quality of the trial work, our experienced Translators would help you to select the lines and sections to be translated, according to their choice. We can provide Trial Translation works, to selected number of Serious customers Only. We would really love to see that you are one among them.

  11. We have a separate Free- Online Translation Section- (Tamil , English). You need to use Request form provided at this page - Free Online English Tamil Translation

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